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Batch Waste Treatment System

Met-Chem has been a well-known waste treatment equipment manufacturer for years. During that time, we have also become well-versed in installation of waste treatment systems. 

The waste treatment systems we have done include everything from small, batch systems, to turn-key, continuous flow systems.  We handle everything from the equipment manufacture down to the necessary paperwork and drawings. 


The system indicated in the photos here are for a batch waste treatment system.


This is a Met-Chem batch wastewater treatment system.  The customer was looking to be in compliance but also had a budget.  This system was/is used for dropping out aluminum.


In simple terms, we pump wastewater from the customer’s holding tank into our 300 gallon cone bottom tank.   Once the tank is full, the mixer runs while acid is added to bring the solution to the proper pH level.  The acid is fed from a 75 gallon tank to the treatment tank.  Next, polymer is added as the mixer continues to run.  Polymer is introduced via the polymer feed station which consists of a used 75 gallon tank and a used mixer and metering pump.  The polymer is fed into the cone bottom treatment tank via the metering pumps.  Once the polymer is mixed and particulate density increases, we allow the solids to settle, creating slurry at the bottom of the tank.  The sludge is then pumped via diaphragm pump into the filter press.  The filtered water from the filter press will recirculate and be returned to sewer.  All of this is managed with a Met-Chem control panel.


The system is complete with warranty.


The most unique aspect of this system is the money savings.  The Met-Chem team incorporated used equipment including the filter press, pumps, mixer and polymer tank.  This system is just as effective as a system with brand new equipment but at a fraction of the cost.