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Used Equipment

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Clarifier Reconditioning Process

Met-Chem has built a solid reputation for acquiring and refurbishing used filtration equipment. 

We have yards filled with a wide variety of used equipment, some of them are in great condition, some are not... However any piece of equipment that has been refurbished by Met-Chem leaves our facility in excellent, "good-as-new" condition.

before picture of Clarifier
External view of clarifier before reconditioning.
After picture of Clarifier
Same external view of clarifier after reconditioning.
Internal before picture of Clarifier
Internal view of clarifier before reconditioning.
internal after picture of Clarifier
Same internal view of clarifier after reconditioning.


Clarifier Reconditioning Process: This particular clarifier was in rough condition and once it was reconditioned, it was the perfect solution for someone's wastewater treatment plant. 

Clarifier in the yard
The Original Used Clarifier out in the yard.
Clarifier during disassembly
Once the order has been placed the Clarifier is brought inside, it is dismantled and stripped down to its basic parts.


The reconditioning is not only for the outside of the clarifier. Both the inside and outside of the Clarifier are stripped and sandblasted to remove any loose paint, rust, or other materials.

Clarifier top view
Before - top view of clarifier.
Clarifier bottom view
Before - bottom view of clarifier (with cone removed).


Clarifier emptied
The plate packs, troughs and flumes are all removed.
sandblasting interior of Clarifier
The inside of the Clarifier is sandblasted to remove loose paint and material.


sandblasting exterior of Clarifier Clarifier sandblasted
The Clarifier is sandblasted, turned, and repositioned, so that everything is completely blasted and the surface is clean and ready for the next step.
checking Clarifier piping
All piping and seals are inspected, tested, and repaired or replaced as needed.

This sandblasting process helps to expose any issues with the steel, joints, etc.

Checking seams on Clarifierssoldering seams on Clarifiers
All joints and welds are inspected, tested, and repaired or replaced as needed.

New metal is added to replace questionable or damaged metal. The legs, braces, brackets, and supports are all repaired or replaced.

Clarifiers footplate replaced
New footplates are fabricated to replace questionable or damaged original plates.
This gives us the ability to alter the height and footprint of the clarifier as needed for the final installation.


As with the outside of the clarifier any internal parts are repaired, replaced, or fabricated.

discarded Clarifier plate packs
In this unit, the old plate packs were not usable. They were discarded once removed.
new plastic Clarifier plate packs
The new plastic plate packs are fabricated to factory original specifications.

Our team members have extensive knowledge and skills for building and fixing parts when needed.

old Clarifier flumesfabricated Clarifier flumesfactoriy spec Clarifier flumes
The old flumes were beyond repair, Met-Chem fabricated new parts to factory original specifications.


Not only does this give Met-Chem the ability to proceed quickly, since we don't have to wait for parts, but it also allows us to customize the project as needed by the client.

Clarifiers Cone
The cone is removed (before),
Clarifiers cone sandblasted
sandblasted (during),
Clarifiers cone after
and coal tar epoxy applied (after).

The exterior, safety blue, two part epoxy, consists of an epoxy resin which is cross-linked with a hardener. When catalyzed and applied, our epoxies produce a hard, chemical and solvent resistant finish for the clarifier.

The black, coal tar epoxy is applied to the inside of the clarifier. Coal tar epoxy is a heavy duty, high build protective coating commonly used industrially on barge hulls and underground tanks. This blend of epoxy resin and coal tar makes an excellent protective barrier coating for steel and iron.

Clarifier being painted Clarifies being painted
The clarifier is repositioned and turned to ensure every crevice is completely covered and sealed.
Clarifiers legs Clarifiers legs painted
The legs, braces, brackets, and supports are all painted as well. Special attention is given to joints and welds.


Internal Top Clarifier after
After - Top view of clarifier.

Internal bottom Clarifier after
After - Bottom view of clarifier.

Finally, the completed clarifier is reassembled, checked, and tested to ensure all the parts are working correctly, there are no areas to cause leaks, and the quality surpasses expectation.

Clarifier reassembly
We apply a RTV caulk under all the seals to ensure the best seal,
Clarifiers aligned
the clarifier and cone are aligned,
Clarifiers connected
and the bolts are connected and tightened.

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finished ClarifierClarifiers afterfinal Clarifier


Fully assembled, Met-Chem performs the final factory acceptance test of quality assurance. This test includes the mixer gear box and motor test, as well as water fill/leak test.

You are welcome to inspect and sign-off on the unit before final payment. You can visit the clarifier in our shop or we can send a video of the unit in action. We are confident you will be impressed with the final product.

Once the unit passes our reconditioning tests, and is approved, it will ship with a 30 day warranty.

Clarifiers being shipped
Once the unit has been approved, the clarifier is dismantled, and prepared for shipment.
Clarifier auxiliaries
Any auxiliary equipment is also prepared for shipment at this time.
secured Clarifier
Once secured on the truck the clarifier is shipped to your location.

Either your team can reassemble the "good-as-new" clarifier, and any auxiliary equipment, or our team is happy to offer Start-Up Assistance and Installation. We have installation technicians and technical representatives that we can send to your facility to make sure the system is running as it should based on the engineering and design.

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*All reconditioned equipment comes with a 30 day warranty