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Filter Press Backer Plate for Smaller Batches

Filter Press Backer Place For Small Batches
Removable epoxy coated steel backer plate allows the operator to vary the operator to vary the holding capacity of the filter press.

If you produce varying size batches of wastewater and subsequently less sludge, or if the overall volume of waste that is generated at your facility has been reduced, you can still utilize your existing filter press.  With the purchase of a backer plate you can alter the holding capacity of your press to meet your individual batch needs. 

A backer plate provides support to the tail plate so that it can be moved anywhere in the plate pack in order to isolate the chambers between the feed end and the tail plate.  If you try to use the tail plate in a different position in the plate pack without the backer plate, you run the risk of damaging the chamber of the tail plate. 

There are different kinds of backing plates.  Some are made of plastic and look much like a standard plate; we prefer to use ~3/8” thick flat stock steel and cut an outline of a plate.  This is clearly visible when placed in the stack so that all around know that the filter press is not at full capacity.  This steel backing plate is then painted with same two part epoxy coating as the frame of the filter press.

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