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Filter Press Center Feed and Manifold Upgrades

Filter Press Center Feed and Manifold
Stainless steel center feed and manifold piping for corrosive solutions.

A center feed pipe assembly on a filter press should be able to last many years the same way any other type of plumbing will. However, if the material of the center feed pipe assembly is not strong enough to handle the corrosiveness of the solution running through the press then the center feed pipe assembly can corrode.

For cases of corrosive material or high temperatures Met-Chem is please to offer upgrades from our standard center feed pipe and manifold.  We are able to upgrade to CPVC, Carbon Steel, 304 or 316SS Stainless Steel, and Titanium. Met-Chem can also provide additional manifold upgrades such as automatic valves

The center feed pipe is what connects the filter press to the product that needs to be filtered. The center feed pipe assembly consists of five different parts. The first part is the lock nut which fastens on the center feed pipe and connects to the outside of the press. The pipe, which is the second part, goes through the head of the filter and all the way through the head plate of the filter press. The third part of the center feed pipe assembly is a gasket which ensures the assembly is water tight. Next, is the clip nut seat which fastens the assembly to the head plate. This part of the assembly will always stay in place unless you are replacing the assembly or one of its parts. The final part, the cloth clip nut, will be removed often as it is screwed into the cloth clip nut seat after the head cloth is put on the head plate. The cloth clip nut needs to be tightened in order to keep the cloth in place. Met-Chem provides a tool to make this process easier. The Met-Chem Spanner Wrench is a specially designed tool that can be used to loosen and tighten the cloth clip nut when changing the head cloth on a filter press. This tool can be very helpful as the cloth clip nut has a design that requires a unique tool to tighten and loosen it.

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