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Distance Piece for Filter Press Expansion

Filter Press Expansion
Distance piece allows filter press to be expanded to accommodate a larger capacity at a later date.

Any new filter press can be ordered with a distance piece for future expansion.  An expandable filter press is built in a larger filter press frame (often referred to as a skeleton).  Your press would come with the current number of plates you need as well as a distance piece for future expansion.  When you are ready to increase your filter press capacity, you simply remove the distance piece, purchase additional plates and cloths.  (insuring to continue the proper 1-button; 3-button sequence).  You can drop the plates into the skeleton and you are ready to increase your sludge holding capacity.

Met-Chem filter press plates come in a 1 button; 3-button design.  In order to filter properly, you need to be sure that the plates alternate between the #1 and #3 ported plates.  Failure to do this will cause less dry cake as air will not flow though and dry those sludge chambers that are not in proper sequence.  Because of the porting sequence, care must be taken to maintain the 1-3-1-3 alignment of the plates.  When expanding with additional plates, always add an even number of plates. (half #1 and half #3).

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