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Longer Legs and Sludge Disposal Chute for Filter Presses

Filter Press Longer Legs
Automatic filter press built on a catwalk with sludge disposal chute.

Met-Chem can provide longer legs and a disposal chute on your new filter press.  This is especially useful if you are releasing the sludge from the press into a sludge bag or a drum.  The chute will direct the sludge directly into your container.  If you plan to use a sludge disposal bag, we can add hooks to the chute so that the sludge bag can be hung from the frame of the press.

For some larger presses, we can build a catwalk along with the disposal chute in order to accommodate a roll-off container.


Filter Press Longer Legs over Drum
Manual filter press with longer legs and disposal chute to accommodate a 55 gallon drum.

Since we design and manufacture all of our own equipment, we can adapt to meet your specifications.

Filter Press Options:

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