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Flocculation Tank Reconditioning

Met-Chem has built a solid reputation for acquiring and refurbishing used waste water treatment equipment. 

We have yards filled with a wide variety of used equipment, some of them are in great condition, some are not... However any piece of equipment that has been refurbished by Met-Chem leaves our facility in excellent, "good-as-new" condition.

The Floc Tank Reconditioning Process is essentially the same process as the Clarifier Reconditioning Process.

Here are the before and after photos of a Floc Tank that was being reconditioned in tandem with the clarifier reconditioning process (for more information click here).

The entire unit is dismantled, sandblasted, repaired, rebuilt or replaced as necessary. Then the unit is painted, sealed and reassembled. This particular floc tank was fully assembled with a clarifier that was being refurbished at the same time. Met-Chem performs the final factory acceptance test of quality assurance. This test includes the mixer gear box and motor test, as well as water fill/leak test.

Flocculation Tank in yard
Flocculation Tank after reconditioning

Flocculation Tank

Flocculation Tank motor before
Flocculation Tank motors after

Flocculation Tank Motors

Flocculation Tank mixer before
Flocculation Tank mixer after

Flocculation Flash Mixer

Flocculation Tank rake before
Flocculation Tank rake after

Flocculation Rake Mixer

Flocculation Tank after reconditioning

Final Reconditioned Floc Tank.

Flocculation Tank on clarifier

Final Reconditioned Floc Tank installed and tested with Reconditioned Clarifier.

You are welcome to inspect and sign-off on the unit before final payment. You can visit the clarifier in our shop or we can send a video of the unit in action. We are confident you will be impressed with the final product.

Once the unit passes our reconditioning tests, and is approved, it will ship with a 30 day warranty.

Interested? Check out our used equipment pages!

Please call for a quote (216) 881-7900

*All reconditioned equipment comes with a 30 day warranty