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Here is an example of a refurbished Filter Press and Sludge Dumpster, before any restoration was started, and the same unit after the restoration was completed.

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Met-Chem has built a solid reputation for acquiring and refurbishing used filtration equipment in addition to our new equipment lines.  We now also offer a large inventory of wastewater treatment and plating equipment.  In an effort to keep up with demand, we are continually looking to expand our inventory.  We are pleased to offer fair trade-ins and outright purchases of your surplus equipment.

Filter Press Reconditioning Overview

Clarifier Reconditioning Overview

Other Equipment

Most other equipment on our Used Inventory List can also be refurbished using similar methods to Filter Presses and Clarifiers.

During the reconditioning process, you are always welcomed to visit us and inspect our progress, and we will be happy to provide periodic up-dates with e-mailed photos, if desired.




Here is another example of a refurbished Filter Press before restoration and the same unit after restoration

We buy used wastewater treatment equipment!: Do you have a used Filter Press, Clarifier, Sludge Dryer, Wastewater Evaporator or any other Wastewater Treatment Equipment that you are no longer using? Met-Chem has a long history of buying quality used equipment at fair prices while increasing our inventory.  This is how we offer quality new and used equipment at a reasonable price. 

Filter Press Case Study: No time to Waste - Emergency Filter Press Repair and Replacement: The client contacted Met-Chem with an immediate need for repair.  Aside from the safety concerns of a damaged press, a filter press cannot run with a broken skeleton.  For this application, waste was continuously generated, which rendered this an emergency situation.