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Looking for replacement parts for your JWI Filter Press?

Look no further!  As a filter press manufacturer and certified used equipment reconditioner and dealer, our sales staff is extremely knowledgeable about not only our filter presses but those of our competitors as well. 


We stock replacement parts for any filter press brand including:

*JWI               *Siemens                *Sperry        *Shriver      


Filter Presses in and of themselves have an extremely long life expectancy due to the heavy duty construction and simple design.  This is why acquiring a used press is such a great way to save money on a quality piece of equipment.  However, whether your press is new or used, you will need replacement parts.


We know how important it is to quickly replace a cloth that has been, perhaps, torn or worn out.  This is where our years of sewing expertise and stock parts become advantageous to you.  Most orders for spare parts can be shipped the same day.


We also stock filter press plates.  So whether you are expanding your existing press or in need of an emergency filter press plate replacement, we have the plates you need.  Met-Chem stocks a variety of filter press plate sizes and can ship immediately. 


Filter Press gaskets are another common replacement item.  We stock 100’ spools of filter press gasketing material.  You will be able to get your press back up and running leak-free in no time.


In addition to the replacement parts, we stock a large volume of used filter presses from the brands listed above and many more in our warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio. 


See our used filter press page for more information on the other filter presses we stock.


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