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Filter Press Case Study: Turning water into Gold: To dewater the gold concentrate, Met-Chem installed a 1200MM filter press, and to eliminate the need for tailing ponds, Met-Chem designed a 1500MM filter press to dewater the tailings concentrate.

Membrane Filter Press Article: A membrane press can reduce cycle time by approximately, 50% on average and, in some cases, even as much as by 75% depending upon the application...

Water Treatment Case Study: A Clean Lagoon is a Good Lagoon: Fiberboard Manufacturer's existing system could not handle the volume of paper pulp being generated.  They needed to clear out the sediment that was accumulating in their lagoon that were in violation of environmental regulations.

Clarifier Case Study: Chipping away at disposal costs: With Met-Chem’s system installation, the effluent (liquid from the clarifier, which is virtually free of solids) is then pumped back to the Digester tanks.  The settled solids from the cones of the clarifier are then filtered by a belt filter press and this dried cake, being a bio food waste, is hauled to the area farms to feed the cows.

Complete Zero Discharge Waste Treatment System: The object of this project was to use wastewater treatment and water recycling technologies to achieve near zero discharge of waste water from the surface finishing process. 

We buy used wastewater treatment equipment!: Do you have a used Filter Press, Clarifier, Sludge Dryer, Wastewater Evaporator or any other Wastewater Treatment Equipment that you are no longer using? Met-Chem has a long history of buying quality used equipment at fair prices while increasing our inventory.  This is how we offer quality new and used equipment at a reasonable price. 

Waste Water Treatment Systems Case Study: Just to clarify…: A new boarding school needed to put in a self-contained sanitary waste treatment system to handle all water sources generated at their facility. Met-Chem designed and built two 120 GPM clarifiers with flocculation tanks, and custom catwalks built to fit space limitations and overlook and operate the waste treatment system.