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868 A Distech
Samsco Distech, Model D750, Used Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporator/Distiller.  Distills up to 750 gallons of water per hour based upon waste characteristics.  Low operating cost approx 1 cent per gallon distilled (total operating HP is 50).  Operates entirely on 460 volt electric power (no steam source needed in facility). Compact Package 12.5 feet X 8 feet on one skid for ease of placement and installation.  Unit available subject to prior sale.  Wastestream pilot testing to confirm performance and onsite startup services are available for this unit.  Machine manufactured in 2006.

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819 A filter plate Filter Press Plates. Non gasketed Center feed, four corner return, recessed polypropylene plates. 1200 MM. Quantities over 25 are 25% off. $300 each $400 each
(with cloths)

*All reconditioned equipment comes with a 30 day warranty